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Beau Soir | Leander High School Senior Photographer

Beau Soir (Beautiful Evening)

When streams turn pink in the setting sun,
And a slight shudder rushes through the wheat fields,
A plea for happiness seems to rise out of all things
And it climbs up towards the troubled heart.
A plea to relish the charm of life
While there is youth and the evening is fair,
For we pass away, as the wave passes:
The wave to the sea, we to the grave.

I really, really love my job. Have I said that before? Seriously, how many jobs out there let you play around on a beautiful evening, in the water with fun, young, energetic people and capture the beauty that is all around us?  How many jobs are there that allow a person like me the chance to create something beautiful, every day?  Not many, I would say.  And I am so very blessed and thankful that I am able to do these wonderful things and not only make myself happy, but the people around me too.

Cedar Park Senior Photography, Dawn Fry Photo

I want to welcome the lovely Miss Katey back to the Dawn Fry Photo blog! You all met Katey a few months ago when I posted her head shot mini session.  Katey is a senior at Leander High School and one of my amazing Senior Models for the 2010-2011 school year.

Leander High School Senior

Katey is in Drama in school and is very active in the productions throughout the year.  I am so excited for her and proud of her for landing the Head Stage Manager position in her school’s spring musical! Hopefully I will be able to see it (hint, hint Miss Katey – hook me up with the performance dates, ok?) .

Cedar Park High School Seniors, Dawn Fry Photo

I tried to keep her passion in mind when editing these images and I tried to give them a bit of dramatic flare.  I can totally picture the one above on a HUGE canvas. The texture is so beautiful! I may need to get myself one for a studio sample.:)

High School Senior Water Session, Dawn Fry Photo

Katey also made me so happy on this water session by wearing one of my old vocal performance gowns in the water (the title of this post is one of the songs I performed at my senior recital).  It worked perfectly with her amazing eyes and beautiful skin!

Senior Portraits in Austin, Water, Dawn Fry Photo

These images are from only half of her full senior session. She will be doing an urban senior session next month and I am so excited to get her out on the streets on Austin with all of the cool architecture and scenery.  So, keep checking back for more of Katey in December – I know she is going to rock that session too!

Leander Senior Portraits, Senior Photography

The next two are a couple of my favorites! Katey is such a character and still so beautiful!

Cedar Park Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Seniors

Austin Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Seniors

Katey, you. are. awesome.:)

Thanks for looking!

Dawn Fry Photo,

[…] has really dried up my little creek and the levels were nowhere near what they were at Courtney and Katy’s sessions. But we made the best of it. It was too darn cold to actually get in the water, so Spencer […]

Leander High Class of 2011, Meet David| Austin Senior Photographer

I had the great honor to shoot another Senior Portrait Session last week!  Everyone, this is David!

Austin Area High School Seniors, Dawn Fry Photo

David is a senior at Leander High School, and one of my Senior Models for the class of 2011.  I can truly say, he is an awesome guy!

Leander High School, Senior Portraits

He has a great personality and is very polite and friendly.  He is super smart, and darn good with sarcastic remarks and playful insults! 😉 But I think that might partially be my fault – I tend to set myself up for stuff like that… lol!

High School Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Photo

Seriously though, he really is thoughtful and funny. I had a great time photographing him for his mini head shot session.  And he obviously did an awesome job and was a natural in front of the camera. David is in the ROTC program at his school, and I am so excited that I will get to photograph him in his uniform when we do his full session in the next couple of months.

Cedar Park Senior Model, Dawn Fry Photo

I took these shots just as the sun was setting and the light was amazing! I love how the setting sun through the trees looks almost like a fire in the background of the shot above. 

Natural light Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry

Once the sun was gone we ventured over to a little wood fence on the property and David put on his more formal attire.  The last few shots of him in his suit all had some not-so-innocent bystanders in the frame.  In the shot below, I had to remove not one, not two, but THREE mosquitoes!!! One had actually landed on his cheek. The others I captured as they were buzzing around his head!  Gotta love Texas!

Class of 2011 pictures, Dawn Fry Photo

And if there are any other photographers reading this – a word to the wise.  Always, always, always shower immediately after an outdoor session!! At least here in my town, if you go walking in tall grass and then don’t shower afterward, you will run the risk of being eaten alive by chiggers.

I am still itching. ugh. lol!

Thanks so much to David and his mom for allowing me to be your photographer, and for signing up to be a Dawn Fry Photo Senior Model for the class of 2011! I can’t wait for David’s full session! I just know it will be amazing!

And if you are an Austin area high school senior and you want amazing senior photos that are unique and reflect your style, please contact me as soon as possible to book your session.  And, and, and, if you attend Leander High School, ask David for one of his 411 cards (he will have them in a couple of weeks) so that you can get $50 off your senior session package price!

Thanks for looking!

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[…] may recognize David from his head shot photo session last fall. We went out to a small park just north of Leander for his head shot session, and he was […]

Katey | Leander High School Senior Photographer

I just love my senior sessions. And I especially love how I have things set up this year where I get to do mini head shot sessions for all my senior models during the summer. It gives me a chance to get to know my subject a little, and gives them the opportunity to warm up for the camera before the “big” shoot later in the year.  So, on an extremely hot day a  few weeks ago I met up with another fantastic Leander High School 2011 senior, Katey!

Austin Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Photo

She is an amazing young lady and I am so looking forward to getting to know her even better when we do her full sessions in the fall.

Beautiful High School Senior Pictures, Austin TX

Katey has the most gorgeous eyes! They are not quite green and not quite blue – they hang out somewhere in the middle and are dazzling!

Dawn Fry Photo Senior Model 2011

Miss Katey is so beautiful, and after only a few minutes warmed up to the camera and let her personality shine through.

Senior Model Leander High School, Dawn Fry Photo

When she gives me her real smile, it is amazing!

Leander High School Senior, Dawn Fry Photo

I just love how all of her images turned out. I can’t wait to take her out for the urban and the water sessions this fall. She is going to rock it!

Austin Area High School Senior Pictures

I just love shooting at sunset. The light is so warm and glittery. It fit perfectly with Katey’s style and personality.

Leander High Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Photo

Thanks so much Katey for braving the heat and mosquitoes for your head shots! I can’t wait to see what we can do in the fall.

If you are interested in becoming a Senior Model for Dawn Fry Photo like the lovely Miss Katey, please contact me as soon as possible. I have a few more spots available and summer will be over before you know it! It’s time to plan ahead and secure your date for your senior photo session. Shoot me an email, fill out the contact form by clicking the last tab at the top of the screen, or call or text 512.203.6261 today!

Thanks for looking!

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You're Beautiful | Leander Austin Senior Photos

Ok, I know you all have seen several posts about my beautiful model Courtney, but I just can’t resist sharing a few more from her recent Trash the Dress Senior Style session! We had so much fun, and I am soooo ready to get back out there with another fun and gorgeous high school senior and do it again! I have so many more ideas for this type of session – I learned so much during Courtney’s session and while the images completely exceeded my expectations, I now know that the next time will be even better.

So, if you are ready to schedule your Awesome Senior Portrait Session, shoot me an email, text or call me up and I will get you in my schedule! And don’t forget, I am still looking for Senior Models for the 2010-2011 school year!

Back to Courtney; check out her latest images!

Austin Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry photo

It should be illegal to be this stunning!

Leander High School Senior pictures

I really loved the black and white versions of these images. I am not sure if it was the dress or her amazing eyes, but the black and white conversions really speak to me. Here is a fantastic shot from my assistant, Jen, at the water session.

Trash the Dress Session, High School Senior, Austin TX

You know, the color is not half bad either! Such gorgeous surroundings and subject – you just can’t beat it!

Austin High School Senior Trash the Dress Session, Dawn Fry photo

I had a little fun playing with this one. It is amazing how a beautiful image can be interpreted in so many ways.

Awesome Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Photo

Don’t fall off the cliff Courtney! 😉

water sessions, trash the dress, senior pictures

Seriously, I can’t get enough of these! Sooo pretty!

gorgeous high school senior photos, Dawn Fry Photo

Ok, I should get back to editing! I just couldn’t hang on to these any longer. Tonight I am heading out with some friends to see the midnight showing of Eclipse and I need to work all I can before we go. I won’t feel up to anything but sleeping tomorrow, I am sure! 😉

Thanks for looking!

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[…] The drought has really dried up my little creek and the levels were nowhere near what they were at Courtney and Katy’s sessions. But we made the best of it. It was too darn cold to actually get in the […]