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Georgetown High School Drum Major | Dawn Fry Photo |Senior Portraits in Austin

It has been both an honor and a privilege for me to create senior portraits for Georgetown High School’s drum majors for several years in a row. Being a musician myself, (I proudly earned a vocal music education degree in college) I find that I am drawn to creatives and photograph senior portraits for musicians, artists, and theater students more often than seniors with other interests. I guess in some way music and art connects us all, and it’s been said you attract what you love.

This lovely senior from Georgetown High School was on my Elite Spokesmodel team and I am so glad I had the opportunity to get to know her and her family through our many events and photo shoots. Not only did we create senior portraits for her, but we also got to spend the weekend with her and her mom on an amazing creative session retreat, do a mother/daughter session, a family session during our fall fundraiser event, and many other events. It was a joy having her on my team. This year she will embark on a new journey to the University of North Texas, and I know she is destined for great things.

We began Morgan’s session in downtown Austin just off Congress. Her bold patterned dress and converse stood out among the grey tones and city concrete.

Her second outfit included another bold print top with black jeans, complimenting her urban surroundings and showing us her tough side. I love the contrast of the bold patterns and the gritty urban scenes.

I so loved that Morgan went with a clean face and natural hair look. She stayed totally true to her personality and style, and it really made her images a reflection of her amazing personality.

Edgy. Urban. Strong. Morgan exudes all three in her fringed “Free Spirit” tee and combat boots. Love this look!

After sweating our faces off in the city, we headed up to San Gabriel Park in Georgetown for some softer, airy images in nature. While Morgan is strong and fierce, she also has a gentle soul and a heart for the environment. Her off the shoulder “Gypsy Soul” tee and jean shorts were a perfect outfit choice for this background. The light through the trees and flowers complimented her outfit and surrounding elements.

I love this bold red top contrasting against the greenery of the park. Another off the shoulder style, it really looked amazing on her. We captured her beautifully with the wood fence and her furry friend got in on the fun. Pets are always welcome on senior sessions with DFP!

Of course we HAD to get some shots of the letterman jacket! So many of Morgan’s achievements are represented in the patches. It is a huge part of her high school career. After all, this is about capturing and preserving memories!

Did I mention Morgan brought her pets? YES!! 3 beautiful dogs joined us for her senior portrait session. Of course, they all had to wear matching bandanas! I die from the cuteness!

One more outfit change and we headed over to the river for some fun water photos. What senior doesn’t love to splash around the water in a dress? It’s pretty much a tradition!

One final hat tip and we were out of there! Wet, tired, and so full of good memories. Thank you, Morgan, for sharing this important moment of life with me. It was an honor to be the preserver of your high school self. I wish you all the best.



Jacie | Cedar Park High School | Dawn Fry Photo

Jacie is one of my amazing spokesmodels from Cedar Park High School.  She is on the yearbook staff and loves to take photos for all the school events. If you end up in a random photo in the yearbook, Jacie probably took that shot. I love her to pieces – the camera ADORES her. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what pose and position will look best in photos. When I asked her on her shoot if she practiced posing in front of the mirror, she excitedly said, “Yes!”  So. Awesome. I can’t get enough of Jacie’s pictures. 

Jacie has so many sides to her personality, and she decided for her photos she wanted something edgy and urban, and something soft and natural. She totally rocked both with her outfit choices and looks. I am so proud of her for creating the perfect session to display her personality. We started out with the edgy side in downtown Austin. 
Soon after we headed over to Bull Creek for the softer side. I loved the contrast of the white and black dresses she chose for this one location.
Of course, we had a little silly fun too. 😉
I always try to do a photo progression into the water for these kind of shoots. You don’t want to ruin the hair and makeup too soon! Jacie was a pro. 
Thank you, Jacie, for trusting me with your senior photos. I love having you on the spokesmodel team. You are amazing.

Jenna | Georgetown High School Spokesmodel | Dawn Fry Photo

My first class of 2016 spokesmodel shoot was with the lovely, Jenna, from Georgetown High School.  When I sat down with Jenna, she had a good idea about what she wanted for her photos. We discussed shooting in a small town setting and in the water. After going over the options and her potential outfits, we had a pretty good plan in mind. As always, I wanted to make sure that we captured Jenna’s unique personality and interests. I noticed she hesitated a couple of times, in a manner that suggested there was something she was leaving out. After pressing her a little bit, I found out that Jenna’s horses were a big part of her life, and she really wanted photos of them, but didn’t think it was possible. Not wanting to leave this big part of her life out of the memory of her senior photos, I made sure we took part of her session time to visit the horses and get some pics. I think they ended up being my favorites.:)

Jenna is also into archery, so we made sure to incorporate some strong, gorgeous photos of her with her bow. Her sweet puppy got in on a photo as well. 

I try to encourage all of my clients to bring items that represent their time in high school. Being a part of the marching band was a special activity for Jenna. I loved that she brought her trumpet on her photo shoot. The image of her on the right of this panel hangs in the window of the DFP Studio! I absolutely love it!

Jenna is such a natural in front of the camera. I absolutely love photographing her and I love having her on the spokesmodel team. I can’t wait to see what amazing things she does in the coming years. 
Thank you, Jenna, for having the faith in me to help you capture your every desire for great senior photos! I know you will enjoy these for many, many years!

Be Like That | Bowie High School Senior Photos | Dawn Fry Photo

Senior guys are not always excited about doing photo shoots. Most of them do it for their mom, sweet guys that they are. 😉 I love that – knowing a guy would much rather be hanging with friends, playing video games or even working, he agrees to running around with his mom and letting a stranger stick a camera in his face – well, that’s a good son in my book. And Rafael was no exception. He’s an awesome guy who is sweet and kind to his momma. My boys better take notes…

I didn’t know how much Rafael would be into doing the shoot -when we met for our pre-session consultation, he was focused on eating lunch and getting back to class at Bowie High School. I assumed his would be a typical guy session – most guys show up with a couple of shirts and just want to get the session done so they can go about their business. But when I saw Rafael and his mom walking down Congress Ave. with an arm-load of clothes, a trumpet case and a bag just for shoes, I knew this would be a fun, fun session!

Immediately I knew that Rafael had style. His outfits were carefully selected and the shoes were vitally important. I love, love, love that! How awesome does he look on this urban shoot in downtown Austin? Ah-mazing!
But, just like most guys, it took a little bit to get him to relax and look comfortable for the camera. I tried my best – cracking jokes and being energetic – hoping something would crack his cool exterior. I don’t remember what it was I said just before this next shot, but when he smiled and the dimples came out – I knew I had made progress! His mom and I both gushed over this shot. I got the DIMPLES!! 😉

I was messing with him here. I kept telling him to give me different expressions. Since I was shooting with a pretty long lens far away from him in a noisy park, I was shouting one word emotions to get him to be spontaneous. “Excited! Smug! Surprised! Shocked! Flirty!” Yeah…all I got was cute. lol! I love it when he started laughing.
We made our way over to the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue. Being a trumpet player, Rafael has a great love for music and he really wanted some shots next to the legend. Despite the gawkers, the wet dogs and the woman that just had to touch the statue on her way by (and walked right into my shot), I think we got some really fun shots. The sun was setting, giving me the chance to try a little dramatic lighting. I like how it turned out!
Rafael, thank you so much for putting up with my antics and bad jokes and for trusting me with your senior photos. I had so much fun getting to know you and your beautiful family. I wish you all the best!