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Through The Years | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

I’ve been avoiding this blog post for months. It’s difficult to put into words how much I love this beautiful girl and how much I am going to miss her. No doubt, if you’ve been to my website before, you’ve seen the amazing Courtney featured throughout. I’ve been photographing her for years – since she was a wee lass!:)But look at her now – all grown up and more beautiful than ever. I can’t believe it. Time has flown so quickly. *sniff*

I first met Courtney on a warm spring day in 2010. She was only 14?? then, and just as sweet as could be. We did our first shoot in a small town setting and then met again a couple of months later for my very first water/trash-the-dress session. Both were an amazing time. The images that came from those shoots launched my adventure into senior portraits. My passion for shooting high school seniors was ignited. I didn’t know I could have so much fun! Here are a few from those sessions – she’s so young!!
Before I knew it, she was about to be a senior! I was so thankful she agreed to be on my spokesmodel team representing Cedar Park High School – we started shooting in February of 2012 with her first styled shoot, and she did a head shot session that spring. We had so much fun with the spokesmodel team, and Courtney, of course, was nothing short of amazing.
This spring, we did her last session as a Dawn Fry Photo Spokesmodel and High School Senior. *sigh* I wanted to cry.  Shoot, I did cry when I was editing the session. lol! Of course, she was amazing as usual, and together we produced some amazing senior portraits.  I just can’t believe she’s headed off to college in a few weeks! 
This has to be my all-time favorite of her. It looks like it came right out of a magazine. Just. Perfect.

Courtney, I love ya, girl! I wish you the very best of everything. May you have an amazing adventure in college and in life. Follow your heart, know the Truth and always remember you are loved. You are going to SHINE!

Thrift Shop | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

This spring has been so crazy busy with Senior Sessions that I just haven’t had time to blog everyone! But, I am making some time this morning to share one of my 2013 Senior Spokesmodels with you. Miss Kenna completed her duties as a Dawn Fry Photo spokesmodel a few weeks ago, and I am so excited for her as she is moving on to her new college life! We had a great year together and I can’t wait to see how this new chapter of her story unfolds.  Kenna will be a graduate of Westwood High School in just a few weeks, and her final Senior Session location choices were Urban and Nature. The places we choose suited Kenna perfectly. She is a thrifter and loves to shop for vintage clothing and accessories – her clothing choices are always so fun and inspiring.

We started the session on an EXTREMELY busy day on South Congress. Parking was a nightmare, but the images were so worth it.:)

We ended the evening out in Round Rock. The light – AMAZING. Kenna – GORGEOUS. I couldn’t have asked for better.

I love this collage of images from all of Kenna’s spokesmodel sessions. It’s amazing to see how she’s changed over the year!
Kenna, thank you so much for being on the crew this year. I had a great time getting to know you and your family, and I wish you all the best!

This is the last week I am accepting applications for Class of 2014 Spokesmodels. If you would like the chance to have an amazing year of photo shoots and fun like Kenna,  sign up TODAY! Here is the APPLICATION LINK –>

Thanks for looking! What’s your story?


One More Night, Part 2 | Austin Senior Photography | Dawn Fry Photo

I’ve been trying to decide what images to share for part 2 of this post, and it’s proving to be so difficult to choose! Camille’s EPIC senior session was so incredibly fun, and she ended up with a fantastic variety of images to choose from. I know it was difficult for her and her mom to narrow them down for the prints and products they wanted – though, it’s a great “problem” to have! Here are a few more of my personal favorites.

This shot below was one of Camille’s favorites. I think it really shows her cute, playful side. 
I always love the track shots. This one, with the sun behind her, is just beautiful. 
After we finished up in town, we headed out to a park to do some shots in/near the water. 
And, for Camille’s final location, we met up a couple weeks later to shoot at her high school football stadium. Camille is a member of the Color Guard, and had the lead role in their fall show. She wanted some stadium shots with her as, “The Raven”. This part was SO FUN!! We got the whole football field to ourselves late one night after a JV game, and had some fun under the stadium lights. Camille’s makeup and costume was A-MAZE-ING. 

Lying in the middle of the field on my stomach to get some shots of Camille leaping through the air made me feel like a rock star. However, she was totally the star of this shoot. Check it out!!
And finally, the awesome product shot. Camille’s family will enjoy these gorgeous items for years to come. Included below are a stunning gallery wrapped canvas, a photo collage of the stadium shots, 2 luxury albums (each custom designed for their recipient), beautiful mounted gift prints, tons of wallets for grad announcements, a DVD slideshow of all her images, accordion albums for the grandparents and fun extras like bag tags and wallet tins.  I am so excited that I get to provide such beautiful products for them to enjoy.

Miss Camille, you dazzled me with your beauty, you impressed me with your talents and you endeared me to you with your personality and amazing family. Thank you so much for trusting me with this momentous time in your life. I wish you nothing but the best.

What’s YOUR story? Call or email today to plan your incredible experience.

I Won’t Give Up | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

Senior portraits are such a fun and IMPORTANT thing – to me they are a right of passage, that last checkpoint of youth, an image of all you are, frozen in time as you transition into adulthood. It’s that moment, that look, that slice of fashion, personality, mood, interests – YOU, all represented in a few great images. They are the photos that you will look back on year after year, reunion after reunion, life stage after life stage, and say, that was ME, THEN.  Beyond your senior photos, the next really important photos you take will be of your wedding and your family.  But senior photos, they are all about YOU and only YOU. And how often does that happen??

I am constantly amazed at not only how many people LOVE taking their senior photos, but at how many people just don’t.  I can imagine, life gets busy, time gets away from you, and you move on and it suddenly loses all urgency. But when you look back 10, 15 or 20 years from now, you will want to remember this time.  Your children will want to know what you looked like, how your personality was, WHO you were.  Make your senior portraits a PRIORITY, please! They really do, and will, mean so much.:)

I was so honored to receive a call from Michael’s mom back in May. Michael had already graduated and had gone to the school appointed photographer for his yearbook photos last fall, and they decided that since he was already going there for them that they would do a full senior session as well. As it turned out, they were very unhappy with the images from the school photographer. Standing in a studio holding a huge foam block that said “senior” and leaning against a white plastic column did absolutely nothing to show Michael’s personality and style. And so, because Michael’s family values great photography and they really wanted some personality-expressing senior photos of Michael, his mom called me to schedule a session.

Michael was sooooo not into doing another photo session. lol!  But he was so great – we did a 1 hour, Short and Sweet session in a small downtown square and had a fun time.  I really enjoyed talking to him and trying to draw out his personality. 

And his mom absolutely love his images! Yay!  I absolutely loved that I could not only get great smiles from him, but also got some awesome serious shots as well. Go Michael!!

By the end, we were having a lot of fun. I asked him to be goofy with the tie, which of course got me a fantastic shot, and made him crack up. I love it!
Thanks to a super quick, fun and relatively painless session with me (haha!) the family now has a ton of great portraits for their home and their family members. 
I am so glad that Michael’s mom didn’t give up, and found the photographer (me!) she needed to get the awesome portraits she deserved.

You deserve only the best as well. Don’t trust your important life moments to any photographer.  Call me today to schedule your senior photo session!

Tell your story,