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Robyn | Vandegrift High School Spokesmodel | Dawn Fry Photo

Robyn really wanted an Austin feel to her images, so we chose to shoot with the skyline in the background. The Long Center and Butler Park were the perfect locations for this Vandegrift High School Senior. Robyn is part of my senior spokesmodel team, and a total dream to work with. I loved this session!

Many thanks to Robyn and her awesome mom for helping out with this shoot. It was a fun day and a great memory.

Jacie | Cedar Park High School | Dawn Fry Photo

Jacie is one of my amazing spokesmodels from Cedar Park High School.  She is on the yearbook staff and loves to take photos for all the school events. If you end up in a random photo in the yearbook, Jacie probably took that shot. I love her to pieces – the camera ADORES her. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what pose and position will look best in photos. When I asked her on her shoot if she practiced posing in front of the mirror, she excitedly said, “Yes!”  So. Awesome. I can’t get enough of Jacie’s pictures. 

Jacie has so many sides to her personality, and she decided for her photos she wanted something edgy and urban, and something soft and natural. She totally rocked both with her outfit choices and looks. I am so proud of her for creating the perfect session to display her personality. We started out with the edgy side in downtown Austin. 
Soon after we headed over to Bull Creek for the softer side. I loved the contrast of the white and black dresses she chose for this one location.
Of course, we had a little silly fun too. 😉
I always try to do a photo progression into the water for these kind of shoots. You don’t want to ruin the hair and makeup too soon! Jacie was a pro. 
Thank you, Jacie, for trusting me with your senior photos. I love having you on the spokesmodel team. You are amazing.

Jenna | Georgetown High School Spokesmodel | Dawn Fry Photo

My first class of 2016 spokesmodel shoot was with the lovely, Jenna, from Georgetown High School.  When I sat down with Jenna, she had a good idea about what she wanted for her photos. We discussed shooting in a small town setting and in the water. After going over the options and her potential outfits, we had a pretty good plan in mind. As always, I wanted to make sure that we captured Jenna’s unique personality and interests. I noticed she hesitated a couple of times, in a manner that suggested there was something she was leaving out. After pressing her a little bit, I found out that Jenna’s horses were a big part of her life, and she really wanted photos of them, but didn’t think it was possible. Not wanting to leave this big part of her life out of the memory of her senior photos, I made sure we took part of her session time to visit the horses and get some pics. I think they ended up being my favorites.:)

Jenna is also into archery, so we made sure to incorporate some strong, gorgeous photos of her with her bow. Her sweet puppy got in on a photo as well. 

I try to encourage all of my clients to bring items that represent their time in high school. Being a part of the marching band was a special activity for Jenna. I loved that she brought her trumpet on her photo shoot. The image of her on the right of this panel hangs in the window of the DFP Studio! I absolutely love it!

Jenna is such a natural in front of the camera. I absolutely love photographing her and I love having her on the spokesmodel team. I can’t wait to see what amazing things she does in the coming years. 
Thank you, Jenna, for having the faith in me to help you capture your every desire for great senior photos! I know you will enjoy these for many, many years!

Senior Spokesmodel Program Class of 2015 Review | Austin Senior Photos | Dawn Fry Photo

It’s been an amazing year. The class of 2015 has been one of my favorites! My spoksemodels have totally rocked every. single. session. we have done. I love them all so much!

We started out the year with a Vintage Styled Shoot. If you follow Dawn Fry Photo on Facebook, you saw all the fun images we created. Here are a few of my favorites.

Our next styled spokesmodel shoot was themed Black and White. We went with black and white dresses and glam makeup. The DFP Spokesmodels brought it!

When the temps got really hot this summer, we kept it cool with a “Color” themed spokesmodel shoot. SO FUN!

The heat kept coming, and we kept shooting. Next up was a GOTH themed DFP spokesmodel shoot. These girls, WOW! <3

The temps weren’t the only thing smokin’ – the DFP spokesmodels brought the fierce and sassy!

By the end of the summer we were ready to go back to school – and so we shot it! Haha! Love this shoot! So fun!

Are you interested in joining the ONLY high school senior spokemodel team in town that has this kind of fun?

Applications are now open!

Oh, and if you think 2015 had it good, get ready 2016, because I have even MORE fun and exciting things planned!

You won’t believe it!

(click the photo to go to the application!)