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Have You Met Saloni? | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

Westwood High School is a great school in Austin that, I have heard, is full of super smart students. I have two beautiful Spokesmodels from Westwood this year, and I have to say that if my girls are any indication of the student body as a whole, then the rumors are true. Not only are my Westwood Spokesmodels drop-dead gorgeous, they are incredibly intelligent, funny, and generous. Like all my crew, I enjoy spending time with them and listening to their stories and adventures. And I love that they trust me with their senior photos. For something SO IMPORTANT, they came to me. Smart girls make the best decisions. 😉

The lovely and talented Saloni is one of my 2014 Westwood High Spokesmodels. I am so happy to have her on the team! She absolutely ROCKED her first session with me this spring. This girl is a natural. Look out ANTM!

Saloni was completely, totally and wonderfully comfortable in front of the camera. Her expressions and posing were spot on and I never had to say a thing to direct her. She made my job waaaaaay too easy! 
Her styled session with Bailey and Hannah (another Westwood senior) was so much fun! I love spending the day with my senior girls. They are all so unique and wonderful.  This; these girls, the atmosphere, the clothes, the locations, the fun… THIS is why I LOVE shooting Seniors! They are awesome!

What will your senior pictures look like? Will you trust them to someone who can bring out the AMAZING you that you know is there? Will you look real, flawless and unique?

You will if you book your session with me.:)Trust me, it’s worth it!

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Have You Met Bailey? | Cedar Park High Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

School is about to start, and so it is my amazing privilege to introduce you to my Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodel Team!! Today, allow me to present, the lovely Bailey, from Cedar Park High School.

Bailey was such a joy to work with on her Boho Styled Session! We spent the whole day together with a few other spokesmodels (who you will meet soon!) and had an absolute blast. 
Bailey has that girl-next-door look that I adore, but at the same time, she is amazingly versatile. I loved getting to know her during our session. 

All my girls are amazing! It’s going to be a super fun year with the spokesmodel team. If you know someone in the crew, ask to see their personal Portfolio App on their phone. There you can check out their styled shoot pictures, and be hooked up with exclusive incentives for booking your own amazing senior photo session.

Someone Like You | High School Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

I met the beautiful Bailey from Bowie High School on a drizzly day this past spring to chat about her senior portrait session. She had some ideas about where she wanted to shoot, but wasn’t sure of an exact location. She had concerns, as most young women do, with looking just right and hiding any flaws (not that there were ANY), and she wanted to make sure that she and I would work well together to create beautiful portraits. Chatting with her and her mom in the restaurant, we sipped on iced tea, looked at pictures of clothes and locations, and together formulated a plan for an incredible session. And a few weeks later, Bailey certainly didn’t disappoint – her session ROCKED!

She wanted natural, country, soft and beautiful. I think we were successful. How gorgeous is she in this afternoon light??
The awesomely talented Katie Astoria with Modern Muse did Bailey’s hair and makeup. If you ever need to look flawless for any kind of event, give Katie a call – she is AH-MAZING!
BOOM! I love this photo SO MUCH!!

It’s gorgeous in black and white too… ahhh!
Bailey’s sweet personality and natural beauty shines in these images. I had so much fun creating her senior portraits!
This one is my favorite!

Bailey, thank you so much for trusting me with your senior photos! You are the best!!
Call me today to schedule your Senior Portrait Session Consultation! 512.203.6261

Through The Years | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

I’ve been avoiding this blog post for months. It’s difficult to put into words how much I love this beautiful girl and how much I am going to miss her. No doubt, if you’ve been to my website before, you’ve seen the amazing Courtney featured throughout. I’ve been photographing her for years – since she was a wee lass!:)But look at her now – all grown up and more beautiful than ever. I can’t believe it. Time has flown so quickly. *sniff*

I first met Courtney on a warm spring day in 2010. She was only 14?? then, and just as sweet as could be. We did our first shoot in a small town setting and then met again a couple of months later for my very first water/trash-the-dress session. Both were an amazing time. The images that came from those shoots launched my adventure into senior portraits. My passion for shooting high school seniors was ignited. I didn’t know I could have so much fun! Here are a few from those sessions – she’s so young!!
Before I knew it, she was about to be a senior! I was so thankful she agreed to be on my spokesmodel team representing Cedar Park High School – we started shooting in February of 2012 with her first styled shoot, and she did a head shot session that spring. We had so much fun with the spokesmodel team, and Courtney, of course, was nothing short of amazing.
This spring, we did her last session as a Dawn Fry Photo Spokesmodel and High School Senior. *sigh* I wanted to cry.  Shoot, I did cry when I was editing the session. lol! Of course, she was amazing as usual, and together we produced some amazing senior portraits.  I just can’t believe she’s headed off to college in a few weeks! 
This has to be my all-time favorite of her. It looks like it came right out of a magazine. Just. Perfect.

Courtney, I love ya, girl! I wish you the very best of everything. May you have an amazing adventure in college and in life. Follow your heart, know the Truth and always remember you are loved. You are going to SHINE!