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Jacie | Cedar Park High School | Dawn Fry Photo

Jacie is one of my amazing spokesmodels from Cedar Park High School.  She is on the yearbook staff and loves to take photos for all the school events. If you end up in a random photo in the yearbook, Jacie probably took that shot. I love her to pieces – the camera ADORES her. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what pose and position will look best in photos. When I asked her on her shoot if she practiced posing in front of the mirror, she excitedly said, “Yes!”  So. Awesome. I can’t get enough of Jacie’s pictures. 

Jacie has so many sides to her personality, and she decided for her photos she wanted something edgy and urban, and something soft and natural. She totally rocked both with her outfit choices and looks. I am so proud of her for creating the perfect session to display her personality. We started out with the edgy side in downtown Austin. 
Soon after we headed over to Bull Creek for the softer side. I loved the contrast of the white and black dresses she chose for this one location.
Of course, we had a little silly fun too. 😉
I always try to do a photo progression into the water for these kind of shoots. You don’t want to ruin the hair and makeup too soon! Jacie was a pro. 
Thank you, Jacie, for trusting me with your senior photos. I love having you on the spokesmodel team. You are amazing.

Have You Met Bailey? | Cedar Park High Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

School is about to start, and so it is my amazing privilege to introduce you to my Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodel Team!! Today, allow me to present, the lovely Bailey, from Cedar Park High School.

Bailey was such a joy to work with on her Boho Styled Session! We spent the whole day together with a few other spokesmodels (who you will meet soon!) and had an absolute blast. 
Bailey has that girl-next-door look that I adore, but at the same time, she is amazingly versatile. I loved getting to know her during our session. 

All my girls are amazing! It’s going to be a super fun year with the spokesmodel team. If you know someone in the crew, ask to see their personal Portfolio App on their phone. There you can check out their styled shoot pictures, and be hooked up with exclusive incentives for booking your own amazing senior photo session.

Through The Years | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

I’ve been avoiding this blog post for months. It’s difficult to put into words how much I love this beautiful girl and how much I am going to miss her. No doubt, if you’ve been to my website before, you’ve seen the amazing Courtney featured throughout. I’ve been photographing her for years – since she was a wee lass!:)But look at her now – all grown up and more beautiful than ever. I can’t believe it. Time has flown so quickly. *sniff*

I first met Courtney on a warm spring day in 2010. She was only 14?? then, and just as sweet as could be. We did our first shoot in a small town setting and then met again a couple of months later for my very first water/trash-the-dress session. Both were an amazing time. The images that came from those shoots launched my adventure into senior portraits. My passion for shooting high school seniors was ignited. I didn’t know I could have so much fun! Here are a few from those sessions – she’s so young!!
Before I knew it, she was about to be a senior! I was so thankful she agreed to be on my spokesmodel team representing Cedar Park High School – we started shooting in February of 2012 with her first styled shoot, and she did a head shot session that spring. We had so much fun with the spokesmodel team, and Courtney, of course, was nothing short of amazing.
This spring, we did her last session as a Dawn Fry Photo Spokesmodel and High School Senior. *sigh* I wanted to cry.  Shoot, I did cry when I was editing the session. lol! Of course, she was amazing as usual, and together we produced some amazing senior portraits.  I just can’t believe she’s headed off to college in a few weeks! 
This has to be my all-time favorite of her. It looks like it came right out of a magazine. Just. Perfect.

Courtney, I love ya, girl! I wish you the very best of everything. May you have an amazing adventure in college and in life. Follow your heart, know the Truth and always remember you are loved. You are going to SHINE!

Some Nights | Austin Senior Photography | Dawn Fry Photo

When I first met with Fair, I came in a few minutes late from our scheduled meet up time, because I left later than expected from a hair appointment. With wet hair and a fresh strip of really dark blue down the left side of my head, I am sure I looked a bit freakish and frazzled walking into Starbucks. Thankfully, Fair was sweet and gracious, and we had a great little chat there in the crowded coffee shop. She loved my work and really wanted to have me do her senior portraits – and I was so thankful we hit it off and scheduled her session. I really think a great portrait session has a lot to do with how comfortable you are with your photographer, so I always recommend meeting up before hand if possible.

The day of Fair’s session, we loaded up in my car and went downtown, and for the first 10 minutes or so of shooting, Fair giggled with uncontrollable laughter every time I pointed the camera toward her. I don’t know if she was nervous or what, but it was just the cutest thing! Thankfully, my super Spokesmodel, Courtney, was there to assist, and soon enough Fair had relaxed and gave it all she had. And the images, oh my, the images turned out amazing.

When she isn’t giggling like a nervous girl, Fair has an amazing model-like quality about her.  I rarely had to pose her much at all as she just instinctively fell into beautiful body language, natural hand positioning and fashion inspired poses.  Surely she practiced these before the shoot?? Or, is she just a natural? Who knows, but whatever it is, it worked.:)
Of course, her smile is simply gorgeous as well.

After hitting the very bold and colorful parts of South Congress, downtown, we headed up to a nearby park to catch the plants, the city skyline and the sunset. I am quite partial to the serious shots. She has such a gorgeous look.

The light, the light, the LIGHT. Oh, that gorgeous sunset light! Rims of gold and haze…

This tree – I am so in love with this tree.  Growing up, I had a weeping willow in my backyard, and I can still vividly recall the summer days I spent laying out (I KNOW) with Sun-in in my hair and coconut scented tanning oil on my legs. With my eyes closed, I day dreamed while listening to the gentle rusting of the tree in the breeze. To me, it screams summer time.

Some of Fair’s favorites.

And finally – a couple of iPhone/Instagram shots. Courtney helped Fair with her hair style change, and after the shoot, I treated the girls to their first EVER Hey Cupcake!! I got the 24 Carrot – Oh Em Gee it was soooo GOOD!!
Sunsetting, skyline blurring, wind blowing… STUNNING.

Fair, thank you so much for trusting me with your senior portraits. I had so much fun with you! I wish you all the best.
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