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Have You Met Aivy? | Austin Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

Oh my sweet, “Ivy with an A”! Have you met her? When we first met in a coffee shop, she won me over with her cuteness and contagious personality. I instantly knew she would make a great addition to the 2014 Senior Spokesmodel team. I had no idea at the time, though, that she would do so well in front of the camera. When we got her all GLAMMED up for her styled Spokesmodel session, she amazed me with her grace and style. Introducing the lovely, Aivy, from Anderson High School.

She was gorgeous, no matter where we shot. 
And her personality came through as well. 😉 She’s a rockstar!!

I can’t wait to see what else she will do this year! Check back for more images from the spokesmodel shoots!

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What’s Your Story?

Have You Met Saloni? | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

Westwood High School is a great school in Austin that, I have heard, is full of super smart students. I have two beautiful Spokesmodels from Westwood this year, and I have to say that if my girls are any indication of the student body as a whole, then the rumors are true. Not only are my Westwood Spokesmodels drop-dead gorgeous, they are incredibly intelligent, funny, and generous. Like all my crew, I enjoy spending time with them and listening to their stories and adventures. And I love that they trust me with their senior photos. For something SO IMPORTANT, they came to me. Smart girls make the best decisions. 😉

The lovely and talented Saloni is one of my 2014 Westwood High Spokesmodels. I am so happy to have her on the team! She absolutely ROCKED her first session with me this spring. This girl is a natural. Look out ANTM!

Saloni was completely, totally and wonderfully comfortable in front of the camera. Her expressions and posing were spot on and I never had to say a thing to direct her. She made my job waaaaaay too easy! 
Her styled session with Bailey and Hannah (another Westwood senior) was so much fun! I love spending the day with my senior girls. They are all so unique and wonderful.  This; these girls, the atmosphere, the clothes, the locations, the fun… THIS is why I LOVE shooting Seniors! They are awesome!

What will your senior pictures look like? Will you trust them to someone who can bring out the AMAZING you that you know is there? Will you look real, flawless and unique?

You will if you book your session with me.:)Trust me, it’s worth it!

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Have You Met Caitlin? | McNeil High Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

When I embarked on my search for Senior Spokesmodels for the class of 2014, I really wanted to make sure that each girl was exactly what I was looking for. And sure, everyone says that, but I doubt many have actually sat down to define it. This year I challenged myself to set my standards extremely high. I value my business like a third child, and I wanted the faces of my business to be just as amazing and special.  When I interviewed potential spokesmodels, I was looking for very specific qualities. I was looking for beauty, but not in the traditional sense. I was looking for a beautiful spirit, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. I was looking for seniors with bright minds and open eyes and eager, giving hearts. I wanted the best of the best, and I can honestly say that this year’s group is the best ever.  I have the sweetest, most giving, intelligent, and kind spokesmodels on my team, and I am so thankful every day that when I decided to truly  and specifically define the kind of people I wanted, I was blessed with a group of girls that were even better than what I had hoped for.

Caitlin was my first interview. Not only was I blown away by her outer beauty (and those EYELASHES!!!), I was wowed by her inner beauty; her personality and her heart. Allow me to introduce you to her.:)

Caitlin’s styled session was very fairy-tale-esque. I wanted soft and beautiful and…petite! I’d say she played the delicate roll quite well.
I found the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry at Austin Fairy Godmother, a wonderful non-profit organization that provides an affordable way for anyone to get formal wear for any event.  
And Miss Caitlin was just…Amazing.:)

I can’t wait to see what else this girl can do! Look for Caitlin at school and ask her how you can save $100 on your senior portrait session! Knowing Spokesmodels has it’s PERKS!

What’s your story?


Have You Met Bailey? | Cedar Park High Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

School is about to start, and so it is my amazing privilege to introduce you to my Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodel Team!! Today, allow me to present, the lovely Bailey, from Cedar Park High School.

Bailey was such a joy to work with on her Boho Styled Session! We spent the whole day together with a few other spokesmodels (who you will meet soon!) and had an absolute blast. 
Bailey has that girl-next-door look that I adore, but at the same time, she is amazingly versatile. I loved getting to know her during our session. 

All my girls are amazing! It’s going to be a super fun year with the spokesmodel team. If you know someone in the crew, ask to see their personal Portfolio App on their phone. There you can check out their styled shoot pictures, and be hooked up with exclusive incentives for booking your own amazing senior photo session.