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Through The Years | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

I’ve been avoiding this blog post for months. It’s difficult to put into words how much I love this beautiful girl and how much I am going to miss her. No doubt, if you’ve been to my website before, you’ve seen the amazing Courtney featured throughout. I’ve been photographing her for years – since she was a wee lass!:)But look at her now – all grown up and more beautiful than ever. I can’t believe it. Time has flown so quickly. *sniff*

I first met Courtney on a warm spring day in 2010. She was only 14?? then, and just as sweet as could be. We did our first shoot in a small town setting and then met again a couple of months later for my very first water/trash-the-dress session. Both were an amazing time. The images that came from those shoots launched my adventure into senior portraits. My passion for shooting high school seniors was ignited. I didn’t know I could have so much fun! Here are a few from those sessions – she’s so young!!
Before I knew it, she was about to be a senior! I was so thankful she agreed to be on my spokesmodel team representing Cedar Park High School – we started shooting in February of 2012 with her first styled shoot, and she did a head shot session that spring. We had so much fun with the spokesmodel team, and Courtney, of course, was nothing short of amazing.
This spring, we did her last session as a Dawn Fry Photo Spokesmodel and High School Senior. *sigh* I wanted to cry.  Shoot, I did cry when I was editing the session. lol! Of course, she was amazing as usual, and together we produced some amazing senior portraits.  I just can’t believe she’s headed off to college in a few weeks! 
This has to be my all-time favorite of her. It looks like it came right out of a magazine. Just. Perfect.

Courtney, I love ya, girl! I wish you the very best of everything. May you have an amazing adventure in college and in life. Follow your heart, know the Truth and always remember you are loved. You are going to SHINE!

Small Town USA | Austin Senior Photos

Last month I had the great opportunity to photograph a beautiful girl from Shiner, TX. Introducing the lovely, Rachel!

Because Rachel is from a small town, she really wanted the small town feel in her images. We started out her Senior Portrait Session in the tiny town of Lockhart.

We walked the old town streets and created some beautiful images to tell Rachel’s unique story.

{check out those fantastic shoes!!!}

Rachel has a wonderful sense of style.  She is fashionable and artistic (you should see her artwork – A-Ma-Zing!) and just a beautiful person. Lockhart provided the perfect backdrop for her senior session.

We found this amazing truck in an alley just off the main street drive.
Isn’t she gorgeous! I just love her beautiful eyes.
After spending a good amount of time in Lockhart, we piled in the cars and headed up the road to McKinney Falls State Park for a water session.
{love the BOOTS!}

Rachel was a great sport! It was still very chilly in the water and while she didn’t get too wet, she still played around and waded through it when I needed her too.

She even tried on one of my old performing gowns (which fit! woo hoo!) and we did some more dramatic shots with the off camera flash.
Rachel, I love, love, loved our session and truly enjoyed spending the day with you and your mom. I am so glad you love the images – I am so glad I got to capture your unique story!

Many, many thanks go out to my wonderful assistants for Rachel’s senior session – the talented Allen from Doberenz Photography and Jen! You guys ROCKED the lighting, video and the styling and made the day even more amazing. I am so blessed to work with such great clients and talented colleagues! Thank you all!

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You're Beautiful | Leander Austin Senior Photos

Ok, I know you all have seen several posts about my beautiful model Courtney, but I just can’t resist sharing a few more from her recent Trash the Dress Senior Style session! We had so much fun, and I am soooo ready to get back out there with another fun and gorgeous high school senior and do it again! I have so many more ideas for this type of session – I learned so much during Courtney’s session and while the images completely exceeded my expectations, I now know that the next time will be even better.

So, if you are ready to schedule your Awesome Senior Portrait Session, shoot me an email, text or call me up and I will get you in my schedule! And don’t forget, I am still looking for Senior Models for the 2010-2011 school year!

Back to Courtney; check out her latest images!

Austin Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry photo

It should be illegal to be this stunning!

Leander High School Senior pictures

I really loved the black and white versions of these images. I am not sure if it was the dress or her amazing eyes, but the black and white conversions really speak to me. Here is a fantastic shot from my assistant, Jen, at the water session.

Trash the Dress Session, High School Senior, Austin TX

You know, the color is not half bad either! Such gorgeous surroundings and subject – you just can’t beat it!

Austin High School Senior Trash the Dress Session, Dawn Fry photo

I had a little fun playing with this one. It is amazing how a beautiful image can be interpreted in so many ways.

Awesome Senior Portraits, Dawn Fry Photo

Don’t fall off the cliff Courtney! 😉

water sessions, trash the dress, senior pictures

Seriously, I can’t get enough of these! Sooo pretty!

gorgeous high school senior photos, Dawn Fry Photo

Ok, I should get back to editing! I just couldn’t hang on to these any longer. Tonight I am heading out with some friends to see the midnight showing of Eclipse and I need to work all I can before we go. I won’t feel up to anything but sleeping tomorrow, I am sure! 😉

Thanks for looking!

signature image copy 180

[…] The drought has really dried up my little creek and the levels were nowhere near what they were at Courtney and Katy’s sessions. But we made the best of it. It was too darn cold to actually get in the […]

On the Rocks | Austin area High School Senior Photos

Today has been a frustrating day for me.  I am without a car because my husband’s car broke down and for some strange reason my phone has decided to become a paperweight. After fooling with it all morning and having no luck, I have decided to put it away, forget about the million times a day I look at it and do some work.

And then I remembered that I was going to show you some behind the scenes photos from the Trash the Dress Senior shoot! I have had them sitting here for ages and just kept forgetting to put them up.  So here they are! Warning, you may need to put on sun glasses – that day was the first time my legs had seen the sun in a looooong time!

on location senior session, dawn fry photo

Laying on the rocks – not sure why I had to have my foot up like that…

Here I am perched on the rocks across the falls from Courtney.  One of my assistants, Kim, is shooting behind me, and the other, Jen, is down in the water to the right relaying everything I say since Courtney can’t hear me over the rushing water.

on location in the water, senior sessions, dawn fry photo

In the water. Anything to get the shots! 😉

trash the dress water session, senior portraits

Most of the time I wear, at the very least, a white shirt to sessions. I want to be as light reflective as possible since often my subjects are facing me.  Wearing white bounces a little bit of light back into their eyes. When I left the house that day, my loving husband told me I looked like Don Johnson… What do you think?

Don’t answer that. 😉

At this point I was trying not to slip on that greenish stuff on the rocks (very slimy green alge) and fall off the edge. The drop off to the left of the picture was about 4 feet and there were lots of hard rocks down below.

in the water, trash the dress senior style, dawn fry photo

Here is a blurry shot of Jen. She got in pretty deep.

senior session, Jen Barnes

Many, many thanks to my 2 wonderful assistants! Without them the shoot would have been much more difficult!  Let me tell you – it was soooo much fun! Especially when I get images like this!

Senior Sessions, Trash the Dress, Dawn Fry Photo

More to come!

Thanks for looking,

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