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Some Nights | Austin Senior Photography | Dawn Fry Photo

When I first met with Fair, I came in a few minutes late from our scheduled meet up time, because I left later than expected from a hair appointment. With wet hair and a fresh strip of really dark blue down the left side of my head, I am sure I looked a bit freakish and frazzled walking into Starbucks. Thankfully, Fair was sweet and gracious, and we had a great little chat there in the crowded coffee shop. She loved my work and really wanted to have me do her senior portraits – and I was so thankful we hit it off and scheduled her session. I really think a great portrait session has a lot to do with how comfortable you are with your photographer, so I always recommend meeting up before hand if possible.

The day of Fair’s session, we loaded up in my car and went downtown, and for the first 10 minutes or so of shooting, Fair giggled with uncontrollable laughter every time I pointed the camera toward her. I don’t know if she was nervous or what, but it was just the cutest thing! Thankfully, my super Spokesmodel, Courtney, was there to assist, and soon enough Fair had relaxed and gave it all she had. And the images, oh my, the images turned out amazing.

When she isn’t giggling like a nervous girl, Fair has an amazing model-like quality about her.  I rarely had to pose her much at all as she just instinctively fell into beautiful body language, natural hand positioning and fashion inspired poses.  Surely she practiced these before the shoot?? Or, is she just a natural? Who knows, but whatever it is, it worked.:)
Of course, her smile is simply gorgeous as well.

After hitting the very bold and colorful parts of South Congress, downtown, we headed up to a nearby park to catch the plants, the city skyline and the sunset. I am quite partial to the serious shots. She has such a gorgeous look.

The light, the light, the LIGHT. Oh, that gorgeous sunset light! Rims of gold and haze…

This tree – I am so in love with this tree.  Growing up, I had a weeping willow in my backyard, and I can still vividly recall the summer days I spent laying out (I KNOW) with Sun-in in my hair and coconut scented tanning oil on my legs. With my eyes closed, I day dreamed while listening to the gentle rusting of the tree in the breeze. To me, it screams summer time.

Some of Fair’s favorites.

And finally – a couple of iPhone/Instagram shots. Courtney helped Fair with her hair style change, and after the shoot, I treated the girls to their first EVER Hey Cupcake!! I got the 24 Carrot – Oh Em Gee it was soooo GOOD!!
Sunsetting, skyline blurring, wind blowing… STUNNING.

Fair, thank you so much for trusting me with your senior portraits. I had so much fun with you! I wish you all the best.
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The City, The Creek and The School | Austin Senior Photographer

Here we are almost about to start the 2011-2012 school year and I haven’t even finished telling you all about my class of 2011 seniors yet! Eeek! I am trying to get all caught up, so keep checking back to see more awesome senior photo sessions! Today, I am featuring a class of 2011 Leander High School student, David.

You may recognize David from his head shot photo session last fall. We went out to a small park just north of Leander for his head shot session, and he was awesome! So, this spring when the planets aligned and everyone had a free day on the schedule, we packed up David, a metric ton of gear and two amazing assistants and headed out for a day long senior photo session.

We started the afternoon in downtown Austin, working every spot we could find along a square block of South Congress. The gorgeous bamboo in the image above was in a great little garden area behind a restaurant. The color of it went well with David’s shirt, and the light was amazing there!  The shot below was taken behind yet another restaurant – the wooden wall gave us a really nice textured background.

We hit a bunch of places there, and while shooting in the parking garage, we were startled by a pizza delivering Storm Trooper! And I *WISH* I could share a picture of that with you, but sadly, I don’t have one. We were all laughing so hard, I couldn’t focus the camera on him.:( That’s Austin for you; Keepin’ it WEIRD. lol!

Anyway, after the urban portion of the session we loaded back up and headed out to Bull Creek for some nature photos. It was a beautiful day at the creek, and we had a blast balancing on the rocks with reflectors and gear, just to get the perfect shots. David was so great to work with; he even laughed at the monkey jokes…

…I can’t really tell you the monkey jokes here. You’ll just have to book a session with me to find out what they are. Or ask David. Just walk up to him, and in a sinister voice say “mon-kaaaay!!!”. When he comes up for air, I am sure he will tell you the joke. If he remembers it…haha!
After shooting at Bull Creek, the plan was to head up to the 360 Bridge for sunset photos. But on the way, we discovered that we were very close to David’s old school, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, and he expressed a great interest in trying to do part of his session there if we could. We didn’t have permission and we had no idea if we could even get past the guard at the gate, and, if we couldn’t we would have been out of time to go back to the original plan. But we all agreed that it would be more sentimental and representative of who David is, so we gave it a shot. And I am glad we did!!

Of course, dressed in such a nice suit and with him being so polite and charming, who wouldn’t let him in the gate?

Look at that face!!! I swear, he could sell you swamp land in Louisiana… 😉  I told him the above shot looked like it could be the cover of Business Monthly Magazine!
The school made the perfect setting for the final portion of David’s senior session.  The location is beautiful, the light was perfect and it was an important part of his life that I was so honored to capture for him.  We stayed well until after sunset so we could do some shots with the flashes, just for fun. As we were walking out, I spotted this great area that had a cool set of lockers. We played with the flash here for a little more artsy, dramatic shot. I thought it turned out pretty neat. 

After we wrapped it up, David took us on a tour of the grounds and pointed out all the different buildings and amenities at the school. It is a really beautiful campus and I could tell he had great memories and a love for the place that he will always carry. I was so glad he spoke up and made the session his own by taking a chance on being able to shoot there. We were able to tell his story in a way that was much more personal.

Here is David’s completed music video of both his head shot session and full senior session. I really love how it all turned out.

Congratulations, David on your graduation and upcoming college plans! I hope you have an amazing time in this next chapter of your life. I am so grateful you trusted me with such a fun and special day.

What’s YOUR story?