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Meagan | Westwood High School Elite Spokesmodel | Dawn Fry Photo

This is a story about a beautiful young woman who decided to take a road trip.

This beautiful woman, dressed in her finest, set out on a road trip in her old Thunderbird, to find the princess. The weather was perfect, the road was clear, and she was sure to find her way through the Austin streets to her destination. 
But soon the beautiful woman found herself lost. She checked the maps, only to find they were for foreign lands. What was she to do?
Suddenly, as if by magic, two handsome men found the stranded woman and they offered to escort her to her destination. The beautiful young woman was relieved. 

After thanking the gentlemen, the beautiful young woman went in to the hotel to find the princess. That was when she discovered, SHE was the princess! She donned her emerald green ball gown, and made her grand entrance. 

When the ball was over, the princess reflected on her charmed life and remembered she had an important job to do.
She had to graduate from Westwood High School! She put on her letterman jacket and headed back to school to finish her senior year. Being  princess was awesome, but being a high school senior was even better. Soon there would be even more time for road trips and adventures.
Thank you, Meagan, for being an amazing spokesmodel and planning this unforgettable senior session! I cannot tell you how fun this was. I also want to give a HUGE thank you to your mom (the Queen!), your aunt, grandfather, great uncle, and everyone else who helped out, drove cars, loaned props, provided support and cheered you on for this shoot. You have an amazing family and I am blessed to be a part of your senior year.

And of course, I could not have even remotely pulled off this shoot without the help of my amazing Hair, Makeup, and Light Bending DIVA Extraordinaire, Ledda! Check her out rocking this lighting test shot!

One more – thank you to the Renaissance Hotel for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful facility. It was a pleasure.

Have You Met Saloni? | Austin Senior Photographer | Dawn Fry Photo

Westwood High School is a great school in Austin that, I have heard, is full of super smart students. I have two beautiful Spokesmodels from Westwood this year, and I have to say that if my girls are any indication of the student body as a whole, then the rumors are true. Not only are my Westwood Spokesmodels drop-dead gorgeous, they are incredibly intelligent, funny, and generous. Like all my crew, I enjoy spending time with them and listening to their stories and adventures. And I love that they trust me with their senior photos. For something SO IMPORTANT, they came to me. Smart girls make the best decisions. 😉

The lovely and talented Saloni is one of my 2014 Westwood High Spokesmodels. I am so happy to have her on the team! She absolutely ROCKED her first session with me this spring. This girl is a natural. Look out ANTM!

Saloni was completely, totally and wonderfully comfortable in front of the camera. Her expressions and posing were spot on and I never had to say a thing to direct her. She made my job waaaaaay too easy! 
Her styled session with Bailey and Hannah (another Westwood senior) was so much fun! I love spending the day with my senior girls. They are all so unique and wonderful.  This; these girls, the atmosphere, the clothes, the locations, the fun… THIS is why I LOVE shooting Seniors! They are awesome!

What will your senior pictures look like? Will you trust them to someone who can bring out the AMAZING you that you know is there? Will you look real, flawless and unique?

You will if you book your session with me.:)Trust me, it’s worth it!

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Dawn Fry Photo Senior Spokesmodels 2013 Styled Sweetheart Session | Austin Senior Photographer

Waaaaaay back in February, when I was still assembling my Senior Spokesmodel team, I had the opportunity to put together a Styled Senior Session for a few of my Crew.  I was fortunate enough to run into the uber-talented, Callie, from Callie Kay Beauty, at a wedding event, and it just so happened she was looking for an opportunity to show off her skillz at the same time I needed a makeup artist for my shoot. She graciously offered up her talents!!  The original date for the shoot happened to be on the one day this year that it SNOWED!!! Thankfully we were able to reschedule and on the last weekend of February, everything came together.

The girls got hair and makeup done – it was so fun to watch them be transformed. 

Callie was amazing with the girls and she made them look absolutely flawless. 

Our theme for the day was SWEETHEART. I had the Crew bring everything they could in red, pink, white and black, and I love some of the clothes and accessories they came up with. Here is Spokesmodel, Kenna, from Westwood High School, in one of the first shots I took.

The hat is totally FABULOUS and it absolutely made my FAV image from her from that day!!! INCREDIBLE!
Despite the clear skies, it was still pretty chilly outside. Thankfully I had some prop blankets for the girls to wrap up in between shots.
They were such good sports!
Spokesmodel, Emily, from Cedar Park High School, did an amazing job with working the parasol into this shot.  I love the pop of pink!
We had some fun with confetti!! Emily did a great job with this one – even though I made her blow it out of her hands about a hundred times! This shot was perfect. 
Last up was the lovely, Courtney, also from Cedar Park High School. It was getting close to sunset and we were really losing the light at this point and needing to work fast. Thankfully, I have had the great pleasure of working with Courtney many times, so she jumped right in and was amazing as usual. I love, love, love this dramatic look on her!
Courtney always looks fabulous.
Just as the sun was sinking into the horizon, I gathered all three girls for a group shot. I think this is my favorite from the day. The are all so different and so beautiful! My red chair worked perfectly for this too. Love that chair! I found it for FREE on Craigslist! WOOT!:)
Many, many thanks to Callie for helping us out and creating three gorgeous looks. We had so much fun!
I can’t wait to show you more of the Spokesmodel team in the next few weeks.
If you are thinking about having senior portraits made, now is the time to secure your date! My fall calendar fills up fast and I only take on a limited number of sessions so that I can give each client the best experience possible.
Call me today to set up your fun, exciting, unique session!  512.203.6261 or dawn(at)dawnfryphoto(dot)com